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Balers and Baling Equipment


Cardboard Recycling Balers

Compaction Plus offers a comprehensive line of baling equipment, including vertical and horizontal balers of all sizes. From limited space applications to industrial processing and manufacturing facilities, we can provide the baler to meet your needs. (OCC) Cardboard Balers, Paper Balers, Plastic Film, Pallet Stretch Wrap Film, Plastic Bottles, Used Clothing Balers, just to name a few. We thoroughly review each specific application and provide the best Baler and options to do the job. We service what we sell and / or your existing equipment. We offer Baler Preventative Maintenance Programs as well as Baler Repair Services.>> more...

Trash Compactors


BinPak Compactor

The BinPakâ„¢ Compactor offers an attractive waste management alternative for the traditional vertical compactor or bin waste customer. BinPak is a self-contained compaction bin that offers:>> more...

General Waste, Stationary Compactors, Cardboard Compactors

Compaction Plus's "state-of-the-art" Stationary Compactors are designed to handle large volumes of general waste and Cardboard Recycling...>> more...

Self Contained Compactors, Medium to High Volume Applications

Compaction Plus's "state-of-the-art" roll-off Self-Contained Compactor/Containers are designed to handle large volumes of wet waste as well as mixed wet and dry waste.>> more...

Industrial & Commercial Completely Refurbished and Re-Conditioned, Balers and Compactors


Industrial & Commercial Re-Conditioned, Standard 60/30 Balers for Sale or Rent

The vertical balers available can handle a wide range of material including: OCC (Old Corrugated Cartons), Boxes, Shrink Wrap, Non-Ferrous Scrap, Light Non-Ferrous Metals, Textiles, Plastic Bottles, and Aluminum Cans.>> more...

Compactor and Baler Repair & Service


Compactor Performance, Preventative Maintenance and Service Calls

Unexpected down time is one of the most resource depleting and aggravating problems we deal with in business. We see compactor and baler breakdowns every day. Many are the result of maintenance items that have gone unattended and/or early warning signals that have gone unnoticed.>> more...

Manual Trash Compactors


Manual Trash Compactor for Overfilling Waste Containers

The Solution to Overfilling Waste Containers. The Multi-Purpose, Portable Manual Trash Compactor is perfect for Compacting Your Existing Indoor or Outdoor Waste Receptacles. Built Industrial Strength for Long Life!>> more...