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Trash Compactors

Trash Bag Compactor, Waste Compactor, Waste Volume Reduction

Trash Bag Compactor, Waste Compactor, Waste Volume Reduction

Easy to Load - Easy to Change! Compaction Plus TCG-5030 Compacts up to TEN 35 Gallon Trash Bags into One!

Perfect for Coffee Shops, Restaurants and any location where trash bags pile up and volume is an issue. The TCG-5030 uses a unique method of compacting, numerous trash bags into one. The weight of each compacted bag is controlled by the user so heavy lifting is not required.

In 30 seconds your waste is reduced by up to 10:1. That means better hygiene and a better working environment, more free space and better safety. This system dramatically helps to reduce costs of collection and transport.

The TCG-5030 Trash Bag Compactor has an ingenious concept that prevents the compactor bag from tearing while operating. The bag is placed outside a bottomless stainless steel trash drum that locks in place during compacting, and then lifts hydraulically, leaving the filled bag on the base plate.

  • Space required - W=3', L=3', H=8'8"
  • Operates on 110V/single phase.
  • Perfect for any site a small and very efficient waste compactor is required.


  • Easy to install
  • Ordinary single-phase electrical wall socket
  • Top loading
  • Small
  • Single phase
  • Saves you money in many areas
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Easy to clean daily, simple cleaning with water (low-pressure)

Technical Specifications

  • Cycle Time (Sec): 30
  • Feed Opening (in.): 20
  • Sys Pressure (psi): 1,600
  • Press Force (lbs): 6,600 (3 tons)
  • Voltage: 115V/1/60 20A

Additional Information

  • TCG 5030 Must have a Ceiling clearance 105 in.
  • The TCG-5030 Uses Special Heavy Duty Trash Bags to Retain liquids and prevent breakage.
  • The TCG-5030 Ships Ready To Run, Plug it in and go.
  • Unique concept puts the bag "outside" of a steel, open ended drum. This design means that a plastic bag can be used for most types of waste - despite the fact that the press force is three tons.

Documented operational safety

  • Three stages simple and safe operation.
  • The compact size of the 5030 makes it easy to locate even in limited spaces.
  • Unit is on wheels for easy cleaning.
  • Uneven load protection system prevents accidents and breakdowns.
  • A compacted and well sealed bag prevents leakage and odors.
  • Critical parts made from stainless steel.

$9995.00 + Taxes

Freight will be invoiced separate.