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100% Bio-Degradable Rodent, Vermin, Insect & Raccoon Repellant Trash Bags

100% Bio-Degradable Rodent, Vermin, Insect & Raccoon Repellant Trash Bags

Mint and citrus scented trash bags also help to keep your waste holding area smelling clean and fresh!

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Compaction Plus in conjunction with Terry Feinberg, president of REPELL-EM™ consumer products company, have developed the REPELL-EM™ garbage bag knowing that whether it's at your business or home there is nothing worse than dealing with the insects and animals that always seem to be attracted to our trash.

The flies that swarm around trash receptacles in your business or home are an embarrassing annoyance that never seem to disappear no matter how clean the rest of your business or home is. Bees and wasps that buzz around garbage outdoors can mean painful stings for anyone who gets too close. Dogs, cats, raccoons and other animals that attack your garbage can be such a nuisance. Compaction Plus has the solution.

After much research, we found that insects could smell garbage through plastic garbage bags regardless of the bag's thickness. So we knew our bags needed to contain something that would repel these pests.

All ingredients are safe, non-toxic, and already registered for use as food additives or perfumes and are exempt from registration by the EPA

Discovering the perfect all natural repellent:

Many products on the market that claim to repel insects or animals have mixed results and many don't work. Many have chemical ingredients that are a safety concern, while others might be natural but have unbearable odors, and still work poorly. Our goal was to produce a safe, effective product that had a pleasant odor for all but turned away the animals and insects using all natural ingredients.

During the past 3 years of product development, an all natural repellent that proved to be effective in deterring a wide variety of animals and insects was formulated. This all-natural formulation worked so well that it blew away the competition.

Bag design--no longer seeing things in black and white:

In our research, we also discovered that animals and insects see things very differently than humans. In fact, we found that animals and insects were specifically attracted to some colors more than others. As it turns out, black and white are two colors with greater pest attraction and coincidentally, they are also the colors of most popular trash bags. One part of the visual spectrum that animals and insects can't see very well is the red spectrum of light. This was the scientific reasoning behind producing the REPELL-EM™ trash bags in the red, translucent color. The color doesn't attract them to the bags and the scent repels them if they are close.

Supreme durability:

It's also important to keep in mind that most bags on the market today are made to be extremely thin so consumers get more bags for their buck. Unfortunately these cheap bags are so poorly made that they usually rip and break apart easily. That's why we made my REPELL-EM™ garbage bags 2-3 times thicker and stronger than regular distributer or store bought bags.

Keeping the environment in mind:

Above all else, we thought it was important that REPELL-EM™ garbage bags be as environmentally friendly as possible. To achieve this, we combined natural botanical ingredients that repelled insects and animals, with another natural, organic ingredient which bio-degrades the plastic. There are some companies that claim that their products are bio-degradable, but their products might take anywhere from 20-50 or more years to break down! And some just bio-degrade plastics into little pieces of plastic.

vermin Mint Scented trash bags

REPELL-EM™ products, once exposed in a typical landfill, will turn into 100% dirt within 1-5 years depending on environmental conditions. We also use recycled plastics in production, to create the bags AND The REPELL-EM™ bags are all packaged in 100% recyclable packaging

The REPELL-EM™ Trash Bag Benefits are:

  1. Biodegrades into dirt in any landfill in 1 to 5 years.
  2. Leaves no residue behind
  3. All natural ingredients do not harm environment
  4. All natural ingredients repel insects and animals a minimum of 7 days or longer.
  5. All ingredients are safe, non-toxic, and already registered for use as food additives or perfumes and are exempt from registration by the EPA
  6. All products smell nice, eliminating the rancid smell of trash while in the bags, in the street or in the trash bin, and the red color is not attractive to the pests (they can't see it), so the pests stay away.
  7. Other bio-degradable products on the market bio-degrade in 30-50 years (corn based resin), degrade in 3-6 years into smaller pieces that are left behind and do not decompose (starch based additives), or degrade in 2-6 months, but still leave small pieces of plastic behind along with toxic metals like cobalt and lead, polluting our environment down the road (oxo-based additives).
  8. REPELL-EM™bags stop the spread of diseases when hospitals use them, since the pests will avoid them and the bags with regular hospital waste will remain intact.
  9. Great for parks and campgrounds to keep the pests away from the scattered trash bins, and away from all the campsites that use them.
  10. The REPELL-EM™ bags are premium made, so they will not rip when you fill them up.
  11. The REPELL-EM™ bags are all packaged in 100% recyclable packaging

All REPELL-EM™ Bags are Semi Clear with Translucent Red Tint. The bags are designed this way specifically and do not come in any other color. Municipalities and Private Collection Companies have no issues whatsoever picking up these bags.

Download Rodent Resistant Garbage Bags Mail Order Form

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100% Bio-degradable Vermin REPELL-EM™ Trash Bags
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