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Compaction Plus Inc is pleased to provide a full line up of waste and recycling containers. We cover the most commonly used indoor and outdoor models. Download our full brochure for all of our products or scroll down to see our most popular models. If the product you would like is not on our click to buy list, please call us for pricing and availability: 416-854-9669

Indoor & Outdoor Commercial Use Recycling and Trash Containers


Superior Waste & Recycling Containers

Download our full brochure of all our superior waste and recycling containers or scroll down to see our most popular models.>> more...

Super Sorter All-In-One

The Super Sorter All-In-Ones are now available with sleek looking aluminum frames designed to hold advertising signage. The Super Sorter All-In-Ones were developed for indoor/outdoor centralized recycling programs in high-traffic areas including downtown cores, parks, shopping malls, recreational centers, entertainment and sports complexes, campuses and more. The attractive and durable frame system offers advertising directly on the front of these highly visible upright containers, enabling you to generate dollars to be reinvested in your recycling program.>> more...

The 26 Gallon Clear View Lid Unit

This durable container is suitable for a number of applications. The optional lid and snap down handles make it suitable fo the collection of recyclables, compost or garbage. This 26 gallon model is best suited for suited for centralized collection. Both solid and transparent lids come with different openining options.>> more...

45 Gallon Single Sort Indoor or Outdoor Container

Great for recycling or waste. Vertical opening keeps water out. Easy to open, lid hinges to the side. Container can be tucked up against a wall. Lighter than stone or concrete bins, so it can be easily transferred. Heavy rugged design is bottom heavy for stability.>> more...

The Smart Sort

The Smart Sort is an ideal container for centralized recycling stations. They fit neatly against a wall or can fit back o back making a perfect island of recycling containers. The lid and label system creates a clean sort of recyclables, ensuring the right recyclables go in the right place. They are perfect for offices, lunch rooms, cafeterias, shopping malls or any high traffic areas.>> more...

The Waste Watcher

The Waste Watcher's attractive and space efficient design makes it excellent for high traffic areas. It fits neatly beside or under a desk and in tight spaces. The internal bag hooks keep your bag hidden inside looking nice and tidy, and the swivel hook design prevents the bag from tearing. With many lid options, this container is extremely versatile. Ideal for desk side collection and centralized recycling and waste stations.>> more...

Large Carts and Document Destruction Containers

Durable Industrial Carts for heavy duty workloads and Document Destruction Containers.>> more...