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Our Trash Compactor and Limited Space Compactor Lines Provide The best methods to handle your waste management needs, See Photos and Choose from a wide selection of Garbage Disposal Equipment to meet your needs. Garbage and Plate Compactors are available to handle recycle and non recycle garbage, plastic and cardboard.

Trash Compactors


BinPak Compactor

The BinPakâ„¢ Compactor offers an attractive waste management alternative for the traditional vertical compactor or bin waste customer. BinPak is a self-contained compaction bin that offers:>> more...

General Waste, Stationary Compactors, Cardboard Compactors

Compaction Plus's "state-of-the-art" Stationary Compactors are designed to handle large volumes of general waste and Cardboard Recycling...>> more...

Self Contained Compactors, Medium to High Volume Applications

Compaction Plus's "state-of-the-art" roll-off Self-Contained Compactor/Containers are designed to handle large volumes of wet waste as well as mixed wet and dry waste.>> more...

Vertical Compactors, General and Wet Waste Compaction

Compaction Plus's Vertical Waste Compactors are ideally suited when available space for a compaction system is limited or the volume of wet waste does not justify a larger system. Download Online Vertical Compactor Proposal & Pricing Click Here. These units are great for shopping plazas, restaurants, cafeterias, fast food (QSR) locations, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and much...>> more...

Food Court, Cafeteria and QSR Front of The House Compactor

Enhance your Customers Dining Experience by eliminating overflowing trash receptacles and the frequent need to exchange garbage bags during peak times Similar in Size and Appearance to Traditional Trash Bins. 10 Times More Effective for Managing Waste.>> more...

Try Before You Buy Program - Food Court, Cafeteria and QSR Front of The House Compactor

Compaction Plus Inc. is now offering the "Try Before You Buy Program". We realize that when you invest in your businesses it is done with careful consideration. That is one of the reasons we have developed the "Try Before You Buy Program".>> more...

Two in One, Waste Compactor / Cardboard Baler

The TCG-WCB-2000 Dual Purpose Compactor / Baler are designed to compact waste and bale Cardboard. This extremely efficient unit takes up very little floor space while reducing Trash and Cardboard volumes up to ten to one.>> more...

Waste & Recycling Tote Compactor

Compacts the Equivalent of a 2 Cubic Yard Container of waste into a 95 Gallon Tote. Unit may also be used for Cardboard, Plastic, Can's and other recyclable materials.>> more...

Easy Loading Outdoor Waste & Recycling Compactor

This compactor has a feed height of only 42" while compacting into a 6 or 8 cubic yard container. The loading doors are 30% larger than similar types of units.>> more...

Trash Compactors (Outdoor & Drive thru Applications)

Drive thru waste & recycling disposal presents a unique challenge. With many QSR's seeing up to 40% of sales coming from the drive thru its no wonder there is such a high volume of waste an recycling material being generated from this area. After years in research and design we are now ready to "take it outside". We have the solution, this unit is modeled after our TCG-DA-1000 Indoor Compacting Model which has an outstanding proven track record>> more...

Trash Bag Compactor, Waste Compactor, Waste Volume Reduction

Easy to Load - Easy to Change! Compaction Plus TCG-5030 Compacts up to TEN 35 Gallon Trash Bags into One!>> more...